Everyone has dreams.  Those dreams change as you grow up.  Sure being an astronaut was a great a idea when I was making spaceships out of cardboard boxes. Eventually most of those early dreams get packed into boxes, maybe the same one that used to be a rocket ship, and put on a shelf to look at from time to time.  That’s not a bad thing it’s nature of life,  but when you pack up those dreams you find other ones that replace them.

Suddenly it’s not about being a wizard,  or astronaut, or a superhero,  maybe it’s getting into college or getting your first job.  Some dreams are milestones like that.  Sometimes it’s not just getting a job you wanted,  but it’s getting the job you always wanted. That is one of those moments that you go back and you rummage through those boxes and you find that dream and realize that you didn’t forget about it but you didn’t hang it over your head as a target everyday when you woke up either.

Then there are the biggest dreams,  the kind of thing you latch onto and don’t let go.  The things that you wanted, and still do want.  This weekend I get to cash in on that dream.  It’s not a rational milestone set by an adult who wants to be at a certain place in there life.  This is a dream that was set when I was getting yelled at for staying up to late,  and getting caught by mom yelling at the TV.  This was a dream that was set when Mike and I decided who was allowed to wear which duplicate shirt we own on which day of the week.  This dream was set when Jim and I would through dubious means watched people put their bodies on the line for entertainment.  But it goes back to even earlier than it goes back to fighting with my brother over who got pick what show was on the TV on Saturday mornings,  and giving up my earlier picks to make sure I could watch Superstars on a Saturday morning.

This weekend I am going to be at Wrestlemania,  which is one of those irrational dreams I have held onto basically forever.  And I get to do this with, and because my partner in crime for more than the last decade is amazing in her support of me, and of one of those dreams that never got packed up into one of those cardboard boxes.

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