This week it’s FEAST or FIRED!  And the follow out from The Beat Down Crew, turning on Bobby Lashley.  Let’s see how how it turns out!

Feast or Fired
Case Winners: Robbie E, Rockstar Spud, Austin Aries,  Magnus
This was a pretty intense and interesting match.  I liked that Velvet Sky was the one who took the case down,  and that she was getting involved in the match to help Robbie E.  It’s been a while since I have seen Samuel Shaw,  I don’t think he had full sleeve tattoos last time I saw him on tv… I did like that when he was knocked down on the top turnbuckle that Rockstar Spud stood on top of him to be able to reach the case.  Aries deciding against the suicide dive to grab a case, and then hitting the suicide dive anyways was perfect for his character.  Magnus stopped his friend Bram from grabbing the case only to get it himself.  (More on most of this at the end)

Bobby Lashley defeats Kenny King – via DQ
Bobby Lashley comes down to the ring demands that the BDC returns hit title.  Kenny King instead challenges Lashley but he bring out the BDC. Lashley gets the upper hands and then gets attacked four on one for the DQ.  Then MVP walks off and says if Lashley wants his title he will meet him out on the street.  This did nothing for me.  Lashley just isn’t intimidating on the mic,  he needs a manager or something.  Also we need a reason for the BDC, or opposition for them.  Right now they running rough shod over three guys and there is no reason to care.  They have not reached NWO levels of destruction yet.

Gail Kim defeats Havok – via DQ
This opened with an awesome package about the history of Kong and Gail Kim.  Havok comes out first but then Gail comes out and starts off hot.  Eventually she can’t over come the power of Havok.  Havok decimates Gail,  with repeated shots to the head and face.  Eventually the ref tries to back her off, and gets flattened for his efforts.  Post match Havok hits a front facing electric chair drop, driving Gail Kim face first into the bell.  Lights Out.  Lights On. Kong shows up over powers Havok and knocks her out of the ring.  This was a great segment.  We establish Gail Kim in the promo and start of the match as a bad ass.  Then Havok destroys her making Havok look great and dominating.  Then Kong shows up and puts her in her place establishing Kong as the top of the food chain.  I can’t wait to see the final clash between these titans.

Khoya defeats Tigre Uno
Squash match that did nothing except establish Khoya as a member of The Revolution.  This introduction and addition in it’s second week has not done anything to establish him.

Eric Young and Low-Ki defeat Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle
This was a decent match, but without the BDC at ring side it was a waiting game for them to show up.  They do show up,  cause a distraction and allow EY to get the win by using a chair.  This continues the pattern of the EY vs Roode, but adds the BDC to a greater degree.  I still don’t feel compelled about the BDC.  Also if EY is not a member of the BDC why is hanging out and tag teaming with them?

Jeremy Borash vs Ethan Carter III – No Contest
JB starts out full of fire but is over come by the power and skill of EC3.  EC3 spits on Rockstar Spud who is at ring side.  Spud gets involved bringing in Tyrus who lays out Spud.  Then Mandrews (winner of British Bootcamp 2) who hits a drop kick on Tyrus.  Spud and Mandrews hit a double drop kick knocking Tyrus out of the ring. Spud with a front flip senton from the top rope,  and Mandrews hits a picture perfect shooting star press from the corner to Tyrus on the outside.  This segment was great it made Spud a scrappy hero and Mandrews stands out as a future star.  This was much better that Khoya’s introduction for sure.

Matt Hardy defeats James Storm
This was an okay back and forth match that ends with Matt Hardy rolling up Storm for the win.  Post match Storm offers Hardy a hand shake.  Hardy refuses, but gets jumped from behind by Abyss.  Abyss lays him out and then grabs “Janice” (A 2×4 full of nails) from under the ring.  Jeff Hardy comes out and challenges Abyss to a Monsters Ball Match (Hardcore Weapons match).  I was into this match,  it’s a build up to Hardys vs Revolution for the titles.  There wasn’t much hype here.  Jeff vs Abyss has more hype and a gimmick will make it mean more.  I will expect the Revolution to show up in force for that match.

Feast or Fired Reveal – Hosted by Christy Hemme
Rock Star Spud – X Division Title Shot
Magnus – Tag Title Shot
Robbie E Velvet Sky – Fired
Austin Aries – World Title Shot
I loved Christy Hemme as host of this segment it was a good role for here.  They start with #4 so Spud has to open his first.  Being super nervous he tried to get out of opening first.  It will be great to see what Spud can do since we have all grown to think of him as a personality not a wrestler.  Magnus with the Tag Title Shot,  now he needs to settle drama with his tag team partner.  (This is almost the same thing that happened with James Storm and Gunner last year.)  At this point Robbie panics since he realizes that he could lose his job.  He demands that it’s Velvet’s case since she pulled it down.  She is forced to open it,  and is fired.  Robbie is now the happy jerk.  Christy is sympathetic to Velvet.  Aries is just smug and turns around his case to show that his case is for the World Title shot.

Street Fight
Joe tries to talk MVP into letting other help.  MVP says no.  MVP brawls with Lashley.  Lashley gets the upper hand,  the rest of the BDC shows up,  lays the beat down on Lashley.  Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode show up and run off the BDC.  Roode finds the Title in the trash he looks reluctant to give it Lashley as the show ends.

Show Changes
Lighting – You could see more of the crowd this week which made the show feel better to me.
Production – There were less cuts to Josh and Taz during the matches, that was a good thing.  Although I would rather any of those cuts be pre or post match.

Final Thoughts
There were essentially 8 matches, counting the street fight.  We had two clean results.  That is a bit hard to swallow as a viewer.  Why bother to have rules if everyone breaks them all the time?  Over all I enjoyed the show.  I still need something to make me care about The Beat Down Clan.  This week they still did not give that to me.  Feast of Fired was good this year.  The results were exciting.  I am sad to see Velvet Sky go,  but I think we will see her again.  Maybe she can be a tag team partner with Curry Man to be Fire Tag Team Champions?

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