This week’s Impact Wrestling is all about LOCKDOWN! Every match will be settled in six sides of steel! The Hardy’s vs The Revolution for the Tag Team titles. In a battle of monsters we have Havok vs Awesome Kong. Bobby Roode and Eric Young in their match we have building up to for weeks. Rockstar Spud and Mandrews take on Tyrus in a handicap match. We get The BDC vs Team Angle. How did it all go? Let’s Find out!

The Revolution defeats The Hardys
Early on Manik gets involved but the Hardy counter and then handcuff him to the cage. Koya pulls Matt Hardy out of the ring, through the camera hole(More on this later). Jeff goes up to the top rope, but Sanada spits the green mist into his face, and then Storm follows it up with The Last Call super kick for the win. Post match The Revolution puts Matt Hardy through a table at ring side. Jeff tries to fight back but he winds up landing on the cage door and then Storm clocks him with the bell and he takes a sick bump onto the ring steps that we have seen repeatedly last week in the promo for Lockdown. This match while it didn’t grab me was still good. I even forgot about the bump Jeff was going to take so I was looking for it. I wasn’t happy to see Matt Hardy pulled through the camera hole, but more on that later. Also can we not “injure” Jeff every year since he can’t participate on the European Tour?

In-Ring Segment – The MVP, EY, Team Angle, The Rest of The BDC
MVP is in the ring, with EY, saying bad things happen in the cage. He uses what happened to Jeff Hardy as an example. EY once more emphasizes his feud with Roode. Out comes Team Angle. They attack MVP and EY, the rest of the BDC shows up. They slam the cage door on Gunner’s arm, but then Joe slams a chair against the door. This was the NWO style beat down I have been waiting for from the BDC. I hope they continue to embrace an actual full heel role.

Awesome Kong defeats Havok
Both of start brawling out side of the ring. The ref finally gives up and starts the match outside the ring. The keep trading moves till they wind up in the ring face to face. They wind up trading choke slam grasps. The keep going for the move and breaking the hold. Havok hits the “Harlot Slayer” choke slam. As she celebrates Kong rises up and is wait for her. Kong winds up with powerbomb pulling Havok off the cage and follows it up with a splash from the top rope for the win. This match was almost everything I was hoping for. It was both of them trading power moves, and neither one giving an inch unless pushed way past the breaking point. The only thing I wish was different was that they were given more time. I hope this is not the end of the feud. I worry about the rest of the division after Kong and Havok are finished. I would suggest they are treated how I think Brock Lesnar should have been treated, which you can findhere.

Bobby Roode defeat Eric Young
This was a good back and forth match, MVP shows up and passes EY a chair through the camera hole in the cage. (More on this later) Roode slams EY’s face into the cage busting him opening, and satisfying the fans chants for blood. Roode picks up the win with a Roode bomb onto the chair. This match was good, but it didn’t feel epic. This entire feud has been a bit lackluster to me. I also don’t think Eric Young should use the EY or Showtime monikers while he is a heel.

Backstage – Lashley & Angle
Angle wants Lashley to be a part of Team Angle and yells at him about it. This has to be the worst motivational speech ever.

Tyrus defeats Rock Star Spud and Mandrews
Most of this match was Tyrus being a monster and tossing around Spud and Mandrews. They British Boot-camp duo get some tandem offense in. Spud hits an amazing suicide dive off the top of the cage. Mandrews goes to the top rope but gets distracted by EC3. Mandrews tried to grab EC3 through the cage door, but EC3 sweeps the leg and brings Mandrews out of the cage(more on this later). EC3 taunts Spud by threatening to scalp Mandrews, allowing Tyrus to hit the G Grip. Post match EC3 goes to shave Spud’s hair, but Jeremy Borasch makes the save by cutting the power cord. This match was about Tyrus being a monster, but EC3 still had to cheat to help him get the win. They are making Tyrus a mountain to over come, I just hope Spud and Mandrews can fly that high.

In-Ring Segment – Brooke Adams Robbie E
This was more of Robbie promoting that he hates Brooke and blaming her for losing The Amazing Race. He challenges her to a race, to the ring, over the cage, out the door, back up the ramp. The entire way he is bullying and attacking her. She does come back with an amazing flying head scissors off the top rope. Robbie E stops to take a selfie before crossing the finish line, Brooke jumps him from behind and wins. I do really hope that this leads to a Brooke vs Robbie E match. Also it was strange that they showed this segment as a recap even thought it seemed to take place the same night.

Team Angle defeats The BDC – Lethal Lockdown
This year the weapons start in the cage and there is no roof. This was a pretty brutal match but all of it was done in a very meaningful way. The BDC work over Gunner’s arm which is still hurt from earlier in the night. In the end Lashley does show up, he teases being there to help the BDC but then turns on them and helps team Angle. Angle hits the ankle lock, Aries the Last Chancery, and Gunner locks on a submission as well. This leave a face off between MVP and Lashley. MVP drops to a knee and hits a low blow. Which seems to have no effect as Lashley then spears him for the win. No idea why Lashley showed up to help out. Why is he invincible to the low blow? Next week we continue the Team Angle vs BDC feud… would have thought something like Lethal Lockdown would have been the blow off for this.

Final Thoughts:
We have two people pulled out of the cage, one guy climb in, and multiple people attacked through the cage. The entire point of the cage is to keep the competitors isolated. Even Josh Mathews was left to question the purpose of the cage, and having holes that big in it. Over all this was good night for wrestling. It didn’t feel like it had the same epic feel as their prior PPV style Impact episodes though. I still think this was a good show, and that they are doing good things on the new network.


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