Welcome believers back to The Temple! Where do we go after last week?  My only info going in was that Sexy Star was taking on Mariachi Loco,  that should be a treat let’s see how this goes!

We start with a recap that tells the story of Big Ryck,  of Pentagon JR and then of King Cuerno and Drago’s fued.  This short video is the recap of the first group of Lucha Underground shows, and it’s done beautifully.  I didn’t understand until I re-watched it that this sets up the entire night.  This recap is better than anyone has done in wrestling in the past week.

Cortez Castro & Mr. Cisco (w/Bael) defeat Pimpinela Escarlata and Mascarita Sagrada
This match was an attraction with Pimpi hitting all the normal signature spots,  Vampiro and Stryker on commentary was classic selling the whole match.  Post Match Big Ryck gets in the ring says he is going to be the champ and no one is going to stop him.  After this declaration his former crew turns on him,  attacks him with a Kendo stick and then shoves the burning cigar into his face, maybe even his eye!  After we see Dario Cuerto paying off the crew for their work.  I hope this is writing Big Ryck out for a while and not a face turn for him.  I liked his work but I don’t think his style could make him a face in Lucha Underground.  But isn’t this same thing that happen with The Sandman in ECW?  I will mark out if he comes back with an eye patch tho.

Cage has an intense interview with Vampiro.  Long story short he is her to fight and not make friends.  This guy is literally huge and after last week has a huge upside.  I think he will fill the role that Big Ryck had of being one of the monsters in the ring.

Pentagon Jr Defeats Super Fly
After watching this match I realized why I like Pentagon Jr he has no wasted movement in the ring.  Everything is very deliberate.  If anything he is the Lucha Libre version of an early Undertaker.  Post match he call Chavo a fraud and mentions he has someone new to lead him.  A series of match with Chavo here would be great.  I would put my money on Konnan being the new mentor for Pentagon Jr, unless they are bringing in someone else new.

Sexy Star defeats Mariachi Loco
This match was lighthearted with Mariachi Loco flirting with Sexy Star,  but her having none of it.  This match was great!  It much better for Sexy Star when she is able to face someone her own size,  it makes for a much more compelling match.  It was great to see her win her since up to this point she has been an underdog, but it was nice to see her come out on top.

King Cuerno defeats Drago – Last Luchador Standing
After a great series of exchanges including Cuerno putting Drago through a table on the outside from the apron, Cuerno gets the cheapest win I have seen since Mankind beat Rock with the Forklift.  This time King Cuerno tied Dragon to the  bottom rope to prevent him from being able to get up.  This was great cheap win,  it got him tons of heat from the crowd.

Final Thoughts
This weeks show was very strong.  It had good wrestling and great storytelling.  The only weakness is the depth of their roster and a one hour show limits who they can feature each week.  We don’t know what happened to Johnny Mundo after Aztec Warfare, and no sign of Prince Puma this week.  These aren’t anything wrong with the show, the fact that I am left wanting more means they have done their job right.

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