This week we have Mil Muertes vs Fenix, a Six Man match featuring The Crew, and Puma defending his title against Cage!  Let’s see how it went.

We start with Dario Cueto informing Cage he has a title match.  Cage responds that he is winning the title, because he’s a machine!

Fenix defeats Mill Muertes w/  Katrina
This was a good back and forth match with Mil Muertes laying out lots of power moves, and Fenix continuing to rise from the ashes.  The end comes when Muertes hits a superplex on Fenix, but Fenix rolls it into a pinfall.  It was odd to see the crowd turn on Fenix this week with “Let’s Go Fenix/Fenix Sucks” chants.  Also there wasn’t any follow up from the insane enzuigiri that Katrini took at Aztec Warfare,  I guess she is just one tough SOB.  Not sure where this is leading.  Fenix is one of the top guys,  but this was a blow to Muertes and his momentum.

The Crew: Bael, Mr Cisco and Cortez defeat Super Fly, Agenis and Aerostar
This was a great match,  with three traditional masked luchadores hitting the traditional high flying spots.  While the crew was working a much more grounded style.  One of them even teased a dive,  but then turned around and just flipped of the crowd instead.  This was good to see the crew coming up ahead.  After last week I think we will be seeing a lot more of The Crew.

Interview:  Vampiro Interviews Prince Puma w/ Konnan
This was great as Konnan wound up answering all the question for Puma.  Vampiro tries to get Puma to speak for himself, but that enrages Konnan.  Puma keeps them from coming to blows.  Puma reminds be of La Parka in WCW where he had the voice over.

Prince Puma defeats Cage via DQ
This was a great back and forth, David and Goliath style match.  Cage just isn’t able to put Puma away.  Puma gets Cage down and goes tor the 630 splash.  Cage shoves the ref into the ropes knocking Puma from the top rope.  He follows it up with a kicks to Puma’s crown jewels,  and we get the DQ.  Cage continues to the attack on Puma which brings Konnan into the ring.  Konnan breaks his cane across the back of Cage.  Cage then lays out Konnan and then tears the Title belt in half.  After Cage leaves the medics are checking on Konnan,  but Prince Puma looks distraught as he is holding on to the two pieces of the title belt.

At the end we see Cueto in his office and the mysterious lady shows up.  She says she is looking for someone.  She mentions a single word to Cueto but neither he or I recognize it.  She then disappears.

Final Thoughts:
I thought this was a good show.  It progressed Puma and Cage’s story as well as The Crew after their beat down of Big Ryck last week.  I am not sure what it did for Fenix and Mil Muertos tho.  It will be interesting to see where they go from here.


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