Last week we were shocked by the appearance of Alberto “El Patron” what will happen this week? Let’s find out!

Backstage – El Patron and Dario Cueto

We open with El Patron in Dario Cueto’s office. El Patron wants to know what the key opens, Dario dodges the question. He has just one request, for an open mic. The next time he has a request it will be for blood and violence. This was a good opening segment to show anyone who missed it Alberto is here. The key comment I think is the foundation that ihe s going to be in opposition to Cueto in the end.

Fenix defeats Argenis
This was a great back and forth match. Catrina showed up to watch the match. Fenix gets the win an over the shoulder sit out piledriver. Post match Catrina gets into the ring and gives Argenis the lick of death. This continues the story of Fenix and Catrina from last week. I am still thinking we are getting a life and death tag team of Mil Muertes and Fenix.

Backstage – Mil Muertes, Catrina, and Chavo
Catrina is shown backstage, she says the power of a thousand lives was too much for Mil Muertes. He grabs her by the throat and lifts her off her feat. Screams “I need nothing.” He puts her down and leaves. Catrina doesn’t look all that upset, I think she is the puppet master. Mil Muertes runs into Chavo in the hallway, slams him against the wall, and chokes him out. Mil says next week Chavo will pay his debt. I think this is more of the Luchadorss getting back at him for the attack on Blue Demon. I am glad to see more intrigue being built here.

Confession – Big Ryck
Big Ryck is in confession, confessing the sins he is yet to commit. He is now sporting a bad ass eye patch. The looked so much like a scene of Machette that I expected Cheech Marin to be the priest. It looks like Big Ryck is coming back for Vengeance. This is the perfect set up for his return. I was afraid of him coming back a squeaky clean baby face, and this solves that problem.

Johnny Mundo defeats Son of Havoc w/ Ivelisse
Every time that Son of Havoc is given a chance to wrestle an actual match. He put on a great match with Mundo. Most of this match was about Mundo dealing with his leg he was still favoring from last week. Ivelisse was very hands on in this match, tripping up and interfering with the match multiple times. Havoc goes up top but he takes to long and Mundo takes the win with The End of the World. This is another match where Havoc looks like gold but still doesn’t get the job done. I am thinking we are going to see Ivelisse turn on him soon, and probably a match between them. Post match King Cuerno shows up and once more attacks Johnny Mundo continuing this feud.

Pentagon Jr defeats Ricky Mandel
First off Vampiro reciting the history of Rick Martel here was classic, major props. This match was about showing Pentagon Jr as being dominant and it did just that. This was not the squash match that he had last week, this was more back and forth. Pentagon Jr gets the win with the modified arm bar he used last week. After his opponent gives up, Pentagon shows no remorse and breaks his arm. Post match he dedicates his sacrifice to his master. You can’t stop the crowd from cheering for Pentagon Jr right now. This guy is on fire. Two weeks of destroying guys and the crowd eats it up. You are going to have to put him against someone like Puma or Fenix, and even then the crowd still might back him. I am still thinking his Master is El Patron.

In Ring Segment – El Patron
El Patron comes out(with the AAA Title) and goes over his legacy and his family’s legacy. He puts over Lucha Underground as the place where everyone gets a shot based on their talent and they are not held back by the color of their skin. El Patron is jumped by El Texano Jr who was the former AAA champion to end the night.

Final Thoughts:
This was an interesting card. We got a lot of story development, but only three matches this week. We don’t need 4-5 matches every week, but it’s what we have grown to expect. Fenix is continuing to rise. I am really interested to see what Mil Muertes’ role will be now that Catrina is showing favor to Fenix. Big Ryck’s Confession was perfectly crafted masterpiece for re-introducing him. Pentagon is on fire, and will be interested to see what happens next with him. He needs to start facing credible challengers. El Patron had a great night. It’s strange to see him play the same character but to be cheered for it. It’s like Bret Hart in the 90’s wrestling in Canada. I wasn’t surprised to see him take a veiled shot at the WWE in his promo, but I was hoping they were above that. I do think it was a great show and I am looking forward to next week.


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