This week week we have the return of Johnny Mundo, and an amazing series of matches. There is also one last surprise this week. What was it? Let’s find out!

We open with El Mariachi Bronx playing live, my wife recognized them so that was cool!

Angelico defeats Son of Havoc w/ Ivelisse
This started off with Ivelisse going off that she only dates winners. This match was an amazing series of back and forth moves. At one point Havoc has Angelico down and goes for shooting star press. Angelico rolls out of the way but Havoc lands on his feet. Angelico is a giant but he moves with an almost unnatural agility. This entire match has great exchanges. Ivelisse gets involved she hooks Angelico leg, later she is on the apron but Havoc is pushed into her, and then gets rolled up for the pinfall. This match was great it showed off that Havoc can really go in a singles match, when it’s not a gimmick match. After the match both Havoc and Ivelisse are upset. This will be interesting to see where it goes for Havoc, I am guessing we are getting closer to see Ivelisse get more involved in the ring.

Johnny Mundo is informed by Dario Cueto that he will face Cage this week since he always has a five star match. This is great foreshadowing.

Pentagon Jr defeat Famous B
This was a good but on sided match. It ends with Pentagon hitting a vicious package piledriver, and then hooking in a pretty devastating submission for the win. Post match Pentagon Jr destroy the arm of Famous B dropping back while keeping the moved locked in. The crowd is eating this up. He might be evil and villainous, but with “Zero Fear” the crowd has his back. He says he is ready for his new master. (More on this later)

Backstage Segment – Dario Cueto
Dario is backstage with his key, he is talking to a figure we can’t see. He says that “Black Lotus” has been looking for him. She was just a girl the last time they saw her. This story has been building for months. I can’t wait to see who has been in the basement of The Temple for the last twenty years. This should be fun to see.

Drago defeats Aerostar
This match was eye candy from start to end. These guys put on a clinic. It was an amazing back and forth match. Lucha Underground puts great matches all of the time but this was even more over the top. The was no feud, there was no angle, this was two guys just wrestling and it was glorious. Post match a huge show of respect between both men.

Backstage Segment – Fenix and Catrina
We see Fenix backstage working out his kick on the body bag. Catrina shows up and says she is not here about Mil Muertes, she is here for herself, and then she plants a kiss on Fenix. This should be interesting to see, is she betraying Mil for Fenix? Or is she bringing Fenix into the fold? I think Fenix & Mil Muertes would be a great tag team. The themes of Life and Death would be great for promos.

Johnny Mundo defeat Cage
Cage and Mundo have a great back and forth match. King Cuerno is seen watching from the rafters. As Cage plays the power house (and mixing in high flying moves), Mundo counters with speed (and his own high flying). However Cuerno interferes and attacks Mundo causing the DQ. Post Match Cuerno continues the attack on Mundo as Cage just walks away. Suddenly Dario Cueto emerges from his office. Dario says we won’t deprive Mundo from his five star match, and restarts the match! This was such a slimy move it was wonderful. Cueto is slimy evil boss that wrestling fan love to hate. They have taken the last 20 years of vile leaders in wrestling and distilled them into Cueto.

Cage defeats Johnny Mundo
Mundo is working with a busted wheel and Cage goes right after it. He hooks in The Brock Lock, and even hits an F5 but none of it’s enough to put Mundo away. Mundo goes for The End of the World, but Cage grabs his ankle and prevents him pulling it off. Mundo counters a Gory Bomb into a sunset flip in one of the most amazing sequences I have ever seen in wrestling. Still Cage kicks out. Cage levels him with a massive clothesline and then connects with his variation on the Gory Bomb and collects the pin fall. This match just continued to get better. This was Cage smelling blood in the water and going after Mundo. Mundo was hanging on by a thread the second half of this match but it always felt he was one move away from pulling out a win. This match makes both guys look even better. My only real critique is Vampiro and Striker call most moves by their commonly known names but don’t acknowledge that Cage is using lots of Brock Lesnar’s moves.

Backstage Segment – Dario Cueto and….?
We see Cueto on the phone. He is talking about Black Lotus, and the mysterious figure locked in the bowels of The Temple. There is a knock on the door, and in walks a man many WWE fans will recognize. He introduces his self as “Alberto. El Patron. But you already knew that.” and then Alberto Del Rio drops the wink we knew from his WWE days. The show wraps up with this revelation.

Final Thoughts
I thought this was a great show. Four amazing matches. I am convinced we will see Pentagon Jr aligned with El Patron, especially when he was targeting the arm in his post match attack.

The Fenix/Catrina situation will be interesting to see where it leads. I am hoping it’s a team and not a feud. Mundo/Cuerno will be a great follow up match as well. There was no update on The Crew, abd we didn’t get to Prince Puma this week, so we don’t have any follow up on the Champ after his beat down last week, or what happened to Konnan. I do wish they had either a second hour of wrestling or a second show each week so we could follow all of these stories.


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