We are all wrestling fans.  We are WWE fans.  We are TNA fans.  We are Lucha Underground Fans.  We are New Japan Pro Wrestling fans.  We are AAA and CML fans.  We like technical wrestling. We like hardcore wrestling. We like lucha libre. We like strong style. We like submissions wrestling. We have filled arenas with tens of thousands of people, and we have filled gyms and ballrooms with a hundred people and cheered just as loud.

We are a fickle passionate group.  We don’t always like the person who is presented as the hero.  We don’t always despise who we are told is the villain.  We have personal favorites There guys who work their asses off who we will never like.

We are a vocal group.  We show up and start chanting outside the area hours before and event starts.  We bring our own signs from home.  We fill social media we our instant gut check reactions.  We might not always be the positive, but I can promise you that we are passionate.

We also have choices.  We can change the channel.  We can choose to support who we want to support.  We can be wrestling fans and not like show, a PPV, or even entire company.  We have that right.

We have right to disagree with each other.   We do disagree with each other.  Frequently. Vocally.

I am going to ask one thing from all of us.  Can we all respect each other’s opinions?  Can we agree that we all don’t like the same wrestlers?  That we don’t all like the same shows? That we don’t all same companies? That is okay! But please let’s treat each other, and those companies and wrestlers with respect.

We love to talk about wrestling. But like Wil Wheaton said… Don’t be a dick about it.

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