Wrestlepalooza! 7/13/2016

Wow….  what a night of wrestling!

Balor vs Nakamura: Amazing!

Lucha Underground:
7 Way Elimination Gift of the Gods Match – Blew my mind!
Mil Muertes vs King Cuerno Death Match – Brutal, but told a great story. Mil Muertes has come a long way since the start of season one!

Gran Metalik vs Alejandro Saez – Fun match, great to see more of a lucha libre style than the Lucha Dragons or Rey Mysterio was allowed in the WWE. Saez moves unbelievably for his size and build.
Ho Ho Lun vs Ariya Daivari – Great match, Lun is all the flips people expect from a cruiserweigth, Daivari was heel to the core. This man has his act together and it was amazing.
Clement Petiot vs Cedric Alexander – Petiot brought almost an MMA style striking this match which was a fun juxtaposition to the Energy and high flying offense of Cedric.
Sean Maluta vs Kota Ibushi – This was an amazing match. Maluta nearly killed himself in one dive, but recovered! Great showing from both of them, and my introduction to Ibushi did not disappoint!

Helluva night of wrestling!

23 thoughts on “Wrestlepalooza! 7/13/2016”

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