This week we have a tag team title match, a tag team match with the participants in the Women’s Title Fatal Four later next month, and we have the second half of the preliminary round of the NXT Title tournament.  Let’s see how it went!

Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake defeat The Lucha Dragons – Sin Cara and Kalisto – NXT Tag Team Title Match
This was good match fast paced match. I have no idea what it going on here.  I have been luke warm on The Lucha Dragons.  But Blake and Murphy didn’t seem like the guys to take the belts off of them.  I wish Benoit was not a taboo name in the WWE because that seems to be the style in which they wrestle.  Now belts don’t make the wrestler,  so it will be interesting to see what happens here.  I do hope that they thrive and grow in the spot light.

Adrian Neville defeats Tyson Kidd – NXT #1 Contender’s Tournament
Love the these two working together. There was some weird distortion during Kidd’s entrance,  wasn’t Solomon Crowe running a hacker gimmick a while ago?  I wonder if this is a throw back to that?  It’s nice to Neville getting making it to the next round,  but it makes me wonder what the future for Tyson Kidd is in NXT?

Charlotte and Bailey vs Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch – No Contest
This was a great match. It held together longer than I expected.  At the end Bailey goes to break up a pinfall,  but instead hits Charlotte, which leads to them coming to blows, and then a brawl breaks out.  It was interesting to see the faces being the ones to turn on each other rather than the heels.  I can’t wait for the fatal four way between these four ladies.  It’s the only way I can see them taking the belt off of Charlotte.  I also hope it means we are closer to see Charlotte on RAW.

 Baron Corbin defeats Bull Dempsey
I wanted to like this match. But this match up still confuses me.  You have two “monsters” but then they face off they face off like men.  They both sell each other’s moves like a normal move.  I would expect more resilience out of them.  In the end Corbin takes the match and that’s two in a row over Bull.  Post match interview has Corbin talking about the tourney,  Bull shows up again and Corbin just pie faces him and walks away.  I hope there is a plan in place for Bull but it didn’t look good for him this week.

Sami Zayn / Kevin Owens Contract Signing – Rule is that they can’t touch each other before the match.
Zayn signs first.  Owens is thinking about it.  Zayn wants answers.  Zayn wants the truth!  Owens is willing to fight anyone,  but he wants the title.  This is business,  this isn’t personal.  Zayn agrees to the title match.  Regal amends the contract.  Zayn agrees to the changes.  Owens signs and then throws the pen at Zayn.  Regal holds back Zayn.  This was a good and compelling segment of Zayn bringing up where they have been and their history.  Owens making it not about Zayn but about supporting his own family.  I am looking forward to this match.  The “you can’t touch me” clause in the contract is strange to me, their hasn’t been a gimmick leading up to it.  Unless this is supposed to prevent Owens from repeatedly powerbombing Zayn before the match.

Final Thoughts:
This was a good card.  The tag match is questionable to me,  but I will have to wait and see where they are going with it.  Neville and Corbin are now on a collision course which should be interesting.  I am however looking forward more to Finn Balor vs Hideo Itami even more.  For the Women’s Title I think we will see a heel champion after the Fatal Four-Way and that Bailey will our next challenger.  Zayn / Owens I am not sure where this is going, but I am hoping for as many matches as possible between the two of them.

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