All I knew from the ads on TV and on Twitter was this show is about a family of Undertakers by day who are also wrestlers.  Let’s see how this turns out.

So this is a reality show…  I have watched reality shows for wrestling before, Micro Championship Wrestling comes to mind.  But that was a reality show about wrestling.  This was something entirely different.

This was a reality show about a family who are Undertakers/Morticians and Farmers, who happen to be wrestlers by night.  The 30 minute episode I watched has more information about how you treat cows and how you prepare body for presentation for a wake, than it did about wrestling.  In fact while there was some information about wrestling I would say it was the minority of what the show was about.

I wanted to like this concept but I didn’t.  I don’t find their segments about how you prepare or work with a body compelling TV, it actually turned my stomach to watch those parts.  The city slicker son in law learning about cows was mildly entertaining.  The only wrestling relate bit was about their son who is the champ being injured (head injury of some sort), and wanting to wrestle.  They say they don’t want him to wrestle,  he argues he going to any way.  We come back from commercial break and he is okay not wrestling.

Final Thought – I don’t think I will be coming back to watch this show again.  It’s set on my DVR so if I get bored I might watch it,  but not going to go looking for it.

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